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Why I Should Have Gotten an Online School Psychology Degree

Thinking about an online school psychology degree? I was in your same shoes not too long ago. I have to say, I chose to go a different rout and obtain a doctorate degree in Education Psychology. But I still think about school psychology and wonder if that would have been a better choice.

Don't get me wrong - I really like Education Psychology but at times it can get very lonely. I have found that working as an Education Psychologist I spend a lot of time alone in my office, working on data spreadsheets and graphs. I don't interact with parents and students as much as I would like. 

While much of my tasks revolve around data analysis aimed at improving student achievement and class instruction sometimes I wish the job called for a bit more interaction with others. In this respect, I think a school psychology degree would be a better choice.

School psychologist:

1. Work with students (elementary or secondary school)

2. Collaborate with teachers/parents

3. Address behavioral and learning problems

4. Work on improving learning environment

5. Have summers off

Sounds like something you would like to do? If so, read on! You may be well suited for a school psychology degree.

Online School Psychology Degree

Education and Courses

Most States require a specialist degree for someone to work as a school psychologist. Online school psychology degree programs usually require approximately 3 years of full time graduate study and a full year of internship. Because school psychologist work with delegate issues related to student mental health, shadowing and observing the work of an experienced school psychologist is very valuable.

Where would I work with a school psychology degree?

As a school psychologist you could work in various educational settings, from schools and education institutions to clinics, mental health and child unit hospitals. Additionally, you could have your own private practice and work from home. Finally, you could work for government or industry.

Selecting the Best School Psychology Degree Program

There are over 200 school psychology education programs. It's great to have this much choice but at the same time, it can be quite overwhelming. In selecting a program:

1. Consider the program philosophy first. Differing philosophies will lead to different preparation and equip you for different aspects of the job.

2. Consider your potential school psychology degree programs faculty base.

3. Consult with current graduate students.

Benefits of obtaining your degree Online

An online school psychology degree program will allow for great flexibility in your schedule. You can work from home, thus saving on both gas and time. You can work on your degree at your own pace and timetable. You will not be able to complete the internship portion of your education online, however all your coursework can be completed through distance learning.

Careers and Salary with a school psychology degree

With a degree in school psychology you will be able to choose a career in research, teaching in higher education or working within the school system. With appropriate licensing, you could work in a private practice.

Online Degree in Psychology

An online degree in psychology is essential for becoming a psychologist but can also lead to many other opportunities in the mental health industry as well. Psychology is the study of the mind and human behavior habits. 

If you have a high interest in this field and always thought about helping people solve their personal problems or even just listening to someone pour their heart out to you, an online degree in this field can help lead to a career you've always wanted.

This degree program is available for associate's, master's, all the way to doctor's degrees. The prerequisites are biology, social sciences, research methods, behavioral psychology, and other courses relating to mental health. 

There are many career paths to choose from such as clinical, school, child, adult, sport and organizational psychology as well. In order to pursue a career in this field, obtaining your degree in a must, as everyone wants to speak with someone experienced in mental health. 

Every state is different in their requirements, but expect that you will need to complete an internship lasting from half a year to a full year. The human mind is a fascinating thing to explore and learn about, which is why this career is so exciting and rewarding at the same time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings for degree holders in this field is $54,000 and can range up to $71,000.

If you have a passion for helping others, getting to know people and find the human mind astounding, an online degree in psychology can help you earn a degree that will last a lifetime.

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