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Should High School and College Students Start an Online Business?

It can be expensive being a college student. I would know, I have been one for way too long. But I found a great alternative that sure beats the heck out of flipping burgers. Is it possible for college and even high school students to start an online business? 

Well of course, in fact they have somewhat of an advantage. Young people have grown up to be very tech-savvy. Teenagers and college students spend so much of their time online, why not turn that time into money?

I personally did exactly that. My junior year of college was just getting started, and I was bartending late nights just to pay my way. In fact, I was barely making it. With graduation still years away, I got a little overwhelmed. 

"Is this it, am I doomed to struggle until I graduate?" Luckily for me I had noticed that many people were making money with online home business opportunities. It seemed like my only way out, so I gave it a shot.

To make a long story short, I am finishing up my junior year, and I haven't needed a job since the beginning of it. And, I won't need a job next year either. In fact, I may never get a "real job." I have found a way to escape the rat-race years before I ever even got into. 

My plans for after graduation changed from "job hunting" to "building my next business." I can now pursue the things I really want to do, like open a Nite Club and do some heavy investing, and I don't have to wait until I'm older. Actually all these things I will be doing before I even hit 25.

So what are the benefits of college students and high school students who want to start their own online business? Well based on what I have personally experienced, as well as the amazing experiences of others I know, the benefits are marvelous.

College Students Start an Online Business

1. College Students Don't Need to Wait Tables to Pay for School!!

Any college student knows that it can be pretty tight financially. It is expensive to pursue an education, and even more to maintain a social life as well. It can be pretty hectic balancing a full time class schedule AND a full time job. It is even more of a bummer when the jobs college students are usually able to get pay "pennies". 

After school expenses, transportation, living costs, and food (mac & cheese anyone?), there is barely anything left to enjoy. On top of that, many students are forced to spend less time studying and more time working. This takes a toll on the whole educational process.

Is this inevitable? I don't think so.....in fact, I know it's not!! Starting an online business can give college students a better route to take. They can earn more money, and at the same time have more time for school and a social life. 

After the first couple of months that it takes to get a good opportunity rolling, the amount of time needed to sustain it decreases a lot. In fact, earning residuals can give students the ability to only work when  they want, and to choose the hours that best fits their schedule.

2. High Schoolers Can Prepare for College Before Hand

Believe it or not, I know 15 year old high school students that have started very successful online businesses. In fact, they make several thousand dollars a month, and they are not even 18!! Young people are incredibly computer-savvy. 

They know how to network, set up webpages, and  a lot of other skills that can be very useful for an online business. Why not start one? It is a productive way to spend their time, and they will learn a lot that will help out later in life. 

And by building a business that will work for them even when they aren't. they will be able to head off to college with a steady income. They won't ever have to flip-burgers or wait tables. They can focus on their education, and not lose any sleep over their finances.

3. Developing Skills for the "Real World"

Many students have big goals that do not revolve around money. So while they may not want to retire after college (even though they probably could), they will actually learn many skills that can help land them a great job, and really add value to the company they work for. Education plays an important role in getting a great job, but so does experience. What kind of experience can young people develop by starting an online business?

Well first of all they will learn a great deal about online marketing. Online marketing is something that just about every business is pursuing, and running a successful online business will add tremendous credibility to a resume. 

Networking is another crucial skill that has applications in just about every career. Working online can help teens and college students really develop some professional networking skills. Writing also plays a part in an online business, whether it be articles, webpages, or ad copy. 

Writing in schools is great, but the feedback is often up to the teachers discretion. An online business however will allow a student to enhance their writing skills is a way that will benefit them no matter what they decide to pursue after graduation, whether it be high school or college. 

And the feedback comes from the real world, not a teacher who is paid to critique. And lastly, an online business for teens can open up all sorts of new doors. Many kids don't want to graduate and go right into the workforce. Many students want to be entrepreneurs and start "brick-and-mortar" type businesses.

NO college course will give you the hands on experience that building a real online business will. And since the incomes can be rather high, these young entrepreneurs can raise their own capital and support themselves until the business gets off the ground.

So what is a good opportunity for a young person?

There are many great online business opportunities, but the best has to be Site Build It. It is fun program that allows you to build a niche-marketing website based on any theme you want. This is a great way to keep young people interested and involved. 

They will never lose their interest or get board because they were the ones who got to choose the concept of the site. I have seen profitable SBI sites on just about every topic. From sports, to dating,  to travel, and a wide variety of other hobbies that have 

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