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Online MBA Degree - What Are My Chances Getting Into Top Online Business School?

If you have been working for couple of years and you think there is still a piece of puzzle left to complete the whole puzzle. This is probably because you are not complacent with your current job. Since you have moderate results from your previous bachelor's degree which is above 3.00 CGPA - or second upper class category, you can consider yourself to earn an online MBA degree.

Top Online Business School

Basically, most top ranked accredited business schools offer this particular online education and they accept applicants that have this following criteria:

Working experience.

If you have related working experiences - preferable related to any field of business, you might have higher chances than other applicants who have non-business related experiences. If you are belong to non-business group category, you still have chances to enroll in related post graduate business course if you have other qualifications that worth to be reviewed.

Extra-curricular activities

No matter you are a business or non-business undergraduate, it is an huge advantage if you have remarkable extra-curricular activity records. Most well-known business schools acknowledge extraordinary individuals who has a positive attitude when facing adversities. Extra-curricular activities are the best practice as it resembles to the real business scenario.


If you are a dedicated and effective employee, do not hesitate to ask your employer, or your head of department to be your referee. You can also request for formal recommendation from your referees as a supplementary document for your course application. These recommendation letter able to show that you have achieve certain company goals or develop essential skills such as achieving sales targets or providing workforce training for company staffs.

GMAT score and GPA

Certainly, having excellent results in both GMAT and GPA will increase your chances to obtain a place in top business school. If you have unsatisfactory performance in your previous GMAT, apply for GMAT retake in order to obtain an excellent GMAT score. Instead of retaking GMAT, you can sit for an entrance exam which is administered by respective accredited business schools.

Why Are Online Business Degrees So Popular?

With the advances in technology and the wider availability of the Internet there have been significant advances in the provision of online education, such that there are now various online business degrees that can help people looking to improve their career prospects and differentiate themselves to employers.

Many employers are now more likely to choose candidates with a relevant degree to fill vacancies or as a factor in determining who to promote. One way of gaining an edge over other candidates for a new job or a promotion is to learn about all aspects of business and how this can be applied to make an organization better, faster or cheaper than its competitors.

However, many people who are interested in studying for a business qualification are already employed and are unable or unwilling to leave a job and study for campus based business and management degrees.

The good news is that many business schools have introduced online business degrees to meet this need, and these online business degrees have become a very popular option for students that are looking to gain a business school qualification. The application procedure is relatively straightforward and so long as you have a computer and access to the Internet you are able to join your online classrooms.

Generally a business school degree includes courses directly related to business and management, such as accounting, marketing, operations management, human resources and many other significant aspects of how a business is run or how to manage any business.

The confidence in the quality and reputation of online business degrees has grown as business schools have strived to improve the quality and range of subjects available within their courses.

You should however ensure that any online course you undertake has been accredited, either at national or state level as this ensures that your degree will be comparable with a traditional degree and will be fully recognized by employers.

There has also been an increased awareness of online business degrees by traditional colleges and universities and any credits earned at an accredited online business school can generally be transferred to a traditional campus based business degree if you decide to change your course at a future date.

This transferability aspect has improved the standing of online business degrees in the eyes of employers and these are now given equal weight in any recruitment process, with the focus for employers being the relevance of the qualification to the post offered.

With more and more business schools providing online business degrees it has become much easier for people to attend courses related to business studies. In addition, the convenience and lower cost of these degrees has opened up the possibility of gaining a business qualification to a much wider audience and will give you a distinct advantage when you are applying for a new job or a promotion.

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