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Trucking Accidents As Explained by a Personal Injury Lawyer

Trucking Accidents As Explained by a Personal Injury Lawyer

With the highest number of trucking accidents of any state, California drivers and pedestrians have suffered from more than 6,000 trucking accidents in 2021. Unlike many commercial cars, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, or semi-trucks can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds and can stretch to be over 70 feet long, revealing a tremendous difference in size and weight. Therefore, unfortunately, accidents involving oversized or semi-trucks are usually catastrophic.

One of the largest factors that contribute to trucking collisions is driver fatigue. With drivers working around the clock, falling asleep behind the wheel of a truck has become an all too common cause for trucking accidents. However, this reveals negligent behavior on behalf of the truck driver, as they have a responsibility to pull off of the road in such a situation to avoid injuring another driver. If not, the negligent behavior of the truck driver can cause vehicle collisions on the highways and city streets while also putting pedestrians and other motorists at risk of injury or death. Sadly, after a trucking accident already occurs, there is no way to fix the damages that emerge from the incident. Many times, victims may be seriously injured with irreparable damage done to the vehicle, permanent disfiguration, or sometimes even being wrongfully killed.

Additionally the size and configuration of over-sized trucks are unique and it takes a tremendous effort to stop the vehicle. For instance, if an 18-wheel truck is driving 10 miles above the lawful speed limit, it takes an additional 100 feet in order for the truck to brake successfully. In many cases, this failure to correctly calculate the amount of space needed to brake correctly can lead to a rear-end collision with another vehicle. Semi-truck drivers and other large vehicle drivers have a duty and responsibility to uphold safe driving without putting innocent drivers, motorists, or pedestrians at risk.

These cases are often more complex than car accident cases especially because the trucking industry is heavily regulated. However, claims filed by injured victims can be brought against both the company employing the truck driver and the driver themselves. Trucking accident lawyers have experience representing trucking accident victims and family members. Injured individuals are entitled to compensation for monetary damages that may cover property and vehicle damage, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and further medical care for chronic treatment. Often times, insurance companies representing these large companies or corporations try to take advantage of victims who were injured in a trucking accident and minimize the situation or the monetary compensation.

We understand that being in a trucking accident is traumatizing and emotionally straining, we want to relieve all your stress related to the legalities so you can focus on your health care.

Tricia Mills is an online writer. She write articles of any topics. She treats her work very special as something that inspires her. It is the best way that she could express her emotions. Moreover, she really likes to write articles about the importance of a Lawyer and an Attorney to the lives of an injured victims in an accident cases and personal injuries as a result of others negligence.

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